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Reduce employee stress and bring employees together with an engaging and versatile wellness initiative

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Unlimited Workouts + Guided Coaching

Help reduce stress and burnout by giving your employees unlimited access to over 1000+ personally tailored workouts, exercises, and plans.

Sworkit has something for everyone with a versatile collection of Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Stretching, Rehab, Barre, and Sports Focused workouts for adults and kids of any level, age, or goal.

Monthly Webinars + Team Challenges

Enjoy 12-months of monthly wellness webinars on fitness, nutrition, mental health, heart health, and more! Let Sworkit be your partner in delivering a world-class health initiative.

Bring your team together with company, team, and individual challenges to reach your goals and support local causes important to your company values.

Why businesses choose Sworkit

Engagement Matters

Maximize usage and ROI with access to real-time engagement data & custom privacy settings. Your dedicated account manager will ensure ongoing success.

Proven Success

Sworkit's 5-star rated apps have delivered over 100 million workouts. Exercise can strengthen the immune system, enhance energy, and improve moods.

Global Availability

Sworkit is available globally in 13 languages making it the ideal solution for companies with employees in multiple countries or looking to expand.

Sworkit is Your Partner for Employee Wellness

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Our goal is to reduce the workload of the HR individuals responsible for carrying a wellness initiative plan. We will help you quickly implement a custom wellness initiative to retain and attract talent, improve the lives and performance of employees, and build a great company culture.

Easy Onboarding & Ongoing Strategy

Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a company launch kit and employee onboarding training. They will continue to work with a monthly calendar of health-related content and webinars for you to share with employees and continue to work with you to increase engagement.

Employee & Results Focused

Employees can access over 1000+ unique exercises and workouts through the Sworkit app on their phone, tablet, Apple TV, or on the web. Employees can even speak directly with our certified personal trainers to ensure their success.

Sworkit is trusted and loved by millions


5-Star Reviews


Workouts Completed

Why Employees Love Sworkit

Sworkit means to simply work it. Your body was built to move daily and we’ve designed an innovative experience that makes it easy, enjoyable, and, yes, simple, to do just that.

  • Power of Choice: More than 1000 unique workouts, exercises, and plans
  • Personalized: You choose the time you have to workout
  • Simple Guidance: Recommended workout plans based on your goals
  • Customizable: Create and save your own custom workouts
  • Feeling Supported: Certified trainers to answer your fitness and nutrition questions


Sworkit Information Sheet

Learn how Sworkit can help to reduce employee stress and bring employees together with an engaging and versatile wellness initiative. Download this one-pager for a quickly sharable overview of our programs.

Sworkit Health Solutions

Learn how Sworkit can help support the health of employees in the areas of Musculoskeletal pain, weight-loss, stress reduction, and the prevention of chronic conditions like diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sworkit support Employees?

  • Custom-tailored workout programs with dynamic audio and video guidance
  • Easy access to speak directly with personal trainers for tailored fitness and nutrition programs
  • Free spousal or friend access for accountability support

How does Sworkit maximize employee engagement?

  • Employer and HR access to a realtime data engagement tracking portal with customizable privacy settings
  • Dedicated account manager to help maximize engagement
  • Easy to understand discount pricing based on lives covered
  • Employee Team Challenges to support wellness initiatives

Who are these workouts for?

  • Young to Old
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Plus Pre/Post Pregnancy, Kids, Rehab/Care & more

Which languages does Sworkit support?

Sworkit is offered in 12 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, HindiGerman, Italian, Korean, and Russian.

Is Sworkit GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Sworkit is GDPR complaint. Our policy is to respect all laws that apply to our business and this includes GDPR. We take great pride in our ability to secure the data and privacy of all customers and individuals using Sworkit.

Is Sworkit HIPAA Complaint?

Yes, Sworkit is HIPAA compliant. Sworkit has implemented a plethora of policies, processes, and third-party assessments to ensure we protect and secure your HIPAA-protected data.

Can Sworkit be covered by Health Insurance?

Yes, in many cases in the USA, Sworkit can be eligible for purchase with wellness dollars. To date, we’ve worked with Cigna, Anthem, and United Healthcare Group to provide Sworkit to employees.